Monday, March 03, 2008

On Heroism

The media has recently been replete with the story of Prince Harry, third in line for the British crown, whose tour of duty in Afghanistan was cut short for security reasons after an Australian magazine - and later an American internet reporter - divulged his assignment. Upon returning to England amid all the trumpeting broadsheets and tabloids, he said in all humility, "I am no hero." Maybe so, but the fact is that he exposed his own life while serving his government's armed forces in a very dangerous place.

Now, contrast that with the infamy Mr. Jun Lozada. He steals money from the government, albeit "moderately". He performs consultancy work outside of his government position, which is prohibited by civil service rules. He connives with a mischievous senator to sting Malacanang. He had his cellphone all the time that he was allegedly kidnapped. In front of cameras, he weeps without tears and, in the next moment, laughs while maintaining his weepy face. And he basks in the limelight as power grabbers call him a "hero". He makes me puke!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cat's out of the bag!!!

Well, well, well. Another Senator has called Mr. Lacson and Mr. Lozada's bluff. As to why a lot of people still believe in Lozada, this can only be explained by the blind hysteria stoked by Mr. Lacson's mischief. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gullible, gullible middle class people:

Palace victim of Lacson sting operation—Enrile

By Christine F. Herrera

SENATOR Juan Ponce Enrile yesterday accused Senator Panfilo Lacson and whistleblower Rodolfo Lozada of engineering the ongoing exposé of high-level corruption in the national broadband network deal as a way of undermining the government.

“I believe this whole thing is a ‘planned affair,’ contrived by Senator Lacson and Lozada to make it appear that it was government that made Lozada leave for Hong Kong to elude the Senate hearing, but it was in fact Senator Lacson and Lozada who planned it,” Enrile told Standard Today.

“I would say the planned affair was very clever, very tricky and very mean,” he said.

As the invisible brains behind the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, Mr. Enrile is well-versed in the manipulation of events to bring about cataclysms in the country.