Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Sober Assessment of the NBN Contract

Forget about the columns of an obviously paid hack like Mr. Jarius Bondoc. And to hell with the theatrics of the adulterous thief Mr. Jun Lozada, and the addle-brained Mr. Joey de Venecia. To truly and soberly assess if there was overpricing in the contract, the Senate should have brought in techies to assess the Bill of Quantities of the contract. That Messrs. Cayetano, Lacson, Escudero and Madam Madrigal did not do so was intentional - they would not have gotten any publicity mileage and their destructive partisanship would have tripped them up to the Filipino people.

This morning, I came across this blog by a Pinoy techie:

At last, an honest look at the pricing of the contract. Although not totally conclusive, it shows that the dunderheads at the Senate have been making fools of the Filipino people all along. All of them should hang by their balls a hundred times over!