Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Self-abasement and politics

Politics drives home the point that to get along in life a person must have some master. The master can be a person above you in terms of power and/or wealth. Or it can be an ideal - freedom, democracy, social welfare. Or it can even be material - money, cars, houses. But a master one must have.

Realization of this fact can be pretty humiliating. Just a few minutes ago, I called up our governor to plead for a loan. Not for personal or business reasons, which would or should result in some earning, but in order to augment funds for our people who are running in Monday's barangay elections. This is not something I usually do. In fact, I hate what I did. The only saving grace about it is that it is a loan that I was asking for, not a dole-out.

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